at the edge of consciousness…where the juice is…

...a quiet mind...

It can be difficult sometimes to experience the beauty of life when so much is going on outside and inside of us…so much “noise”. Meditation has been a vital tool for me in quieting the mind, enabling me to view things, including myself, from a place of peace and appreciation. More and more studies are demonstrating the profound physical and mental benefits of meditation.

For the last five years I’ve used Synchronicity Contemporary High-Tech Meditation, an easy and powerful system for meditating that “meditates you”. Here’s a little more information about it:

Traditional methods of meditation typically produce inconsistent results because they are dependent on one’s degree of focus and balance, which varies greatly from day to day.

Also, traditional techniques were not developed for the modern world and thus are not designed to address the pervasive energetic and environmental pollution and stress caused by such factors as television, computers, and microwaves as well as a world population of over six billion people, ever-increasing in conflict and dysfunction.

Such stress is highly imbalancing to the human energy field and thus, with traditional methods, it is very challenging for the meditator of today to experience the stillness and holistic awareness expansion that is the hallmark of authentic meditation.

By comparison, Synchronicity Contemporary High-Tech Meditation, created by Master Charles Cannon, is based upon precision Holodynamic Vibrational Entrainment Technology (HVET), that delivers an unprecedented degree of precision and efficiency….Delivering at least a four-fold increase in acceleration of results over “low-tech” methods.

This has been confirmed by measurement of the brain-wave patterns produced by regular users of Synchronicity Contemporary High-Tech Meditation over a seven-year period, which were then compared to the measurements produced by those using traditional meditative systems. After only a few years of regular usage, Synchronicity Contemporary High-Tech meditators produce brain-wave patterns equal to those individuals who have spent a lifetime of practice using traditional methods.

Not only does this proprietary technology eliminate the inconsistency typical of traditional techniques, it is also designed to harmonize the chaotic energies that otherwise impede the meditative process and frustrate us in our attempt to experience balance, wholeness, and fulfillment. Additionally, Synchronicity Contemporary High-Tech Meditation requires no belief or adaptation of cultural trappings usually associated with traditional systems.

If you’d like to learn more about the Alpha, Theta and Delta CD’s that “meditate you”, you can go to

If you’re interested in more information about brain waves and the meditation brain wave studies, go to

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