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Coursework with Dr. Amit Goswami

New coursework from Dr. Goswami gets back to the basics of quantum physics and the prejudices that plague both religion and science in accepting the new paradigm. An 8 week online course, including high-definition video and illustrated workbooks!

Think you understand Quantum Physics? Can you explain the principles of non-locality to your friends over dinner? What about spooky action at a distance? How often do you rail against the idea of materialistic / deterministic science?

What would you say if you were told that both quantum physics and Newtonian physics were right- or wrong? Where would you go from there? What is the next step? Can we exist in a non-dualistic world?

Dr. Amit Goswami – Theoretical Physicist and author of over 13 books invites you to join him in an interesting journey from then to now. Start where science began and get a solid foundation of understanding of phsyics before you learn what’s coming next in the world of science.

QUANTUM PHYSICS 101: A Tale of Two Dogmas

  • An 8 week course.
  • Includes a new 30 minute lecture every two weeks in high definition streaming video available to both computers and mobile devices. (A total of 120 minutes of video!) Also includes transcripts.
  • The ability to ask questions of Dr. Goswami and they will be responded to via additional footage and/or audio.
  • Includes an illustrated reading guide in PDF format for your computer, tablet or for printing.
  • Learn the basics and history of quantum physics. Get your questions answered from a master in this field.

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