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questions upon questions…

In the first of a new TED-Ed series designed to catalyze curiosity, TED Curator Chris Anderson shares his boyhood obsession with quirky questions that seem to have no answers.

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  1. Sherineza said:

    Hiii, it’s such a curiosity provoking video really! Thanks for sharing.. Here’s what I think :
    because I grew up in a religious family, I was taught certain things and as I grew up I started probing them in order to really ‘believe’. And I was able to do that… They really did make sense, especially if you back them up with the evidence we had. I now KNOW there is a God, he created us for a reason, we have a soul and that is the immaterial conscious that has always confused philosophers and scientists. I once read an article that says that the brain activity of a certain action occurs a few milli (maybe micro or less) seconds AFTER the decisions is taken, so I thought that’s the soul driving us around.
    About the existence of life on other planets, I am not sure. But it is a VERY silly thing when scientists say ”conditions for life” cause well what applies to the creatures on earth may not apply to those who are not, right? So I think they shouldn’t look for a planet that has water or air or an appropriate temperature cause other creatures can be anywhere, maybe not even on ‘planets’.
    I think life exists in other dimensions.
    And those evidence that made me really BELIEVE my religion, which is Islam btw, are the science in the Quraan. It is such a fascinating topic and being the ”drawn-to-science” person that I am, it is really what made me hold on to Islam more. I have several entries on my blog and that topic, few of many many discovered and yet undiscovered scientific miracles in the Quraan. That really proves the Quraan is a scripture from God not written by humans or whatever.
    My current goal (one of a few more) is to memorize the Quraan and learn about it as much as possible; maybe not only about the science in it but also the history and economy and sociology and other stuff.
    Wish me luck and Really nice blogg (Y) 😀

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