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companies in love? yes!

Published by mindvalley Feb. 5, 2014:

Help us spread love and happiness to every company in the world – join the #loveweek movement!

Here’s how to participate:

1) Add all names to a hat. Draw out names (at random).

2) From February 10th — 14th, every Secret Angel has to show love and appreciation for their human in creative, mysterious, and secretive ways. (Note: Angels can employ friends as “agents” to do their bidding. For example, ask a friend to rub your humans shoulders for 5 minutes on your behalf)

3) Show the world how much love you are spreading! Join the movement with the hashtags #loveweek and #valentinesday! Post your pictures, videos, and stories on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram throughout the week.

4) On Monday 17th, Angels reveal themselves and get to hug their human 🙂

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