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Wave Tube

When man looks for experience he becomes the body.

When he looks for knowledge he becomes the mind.

When he looks for God he becomes the Heart.

When he looks for Truth he becomes Nothing.


watching the galaxy form…

The Illustris project is a large cosmological simulation of galaxy formation, completed in late 2013, using a state of the art numerical code and a comprehensive physical model. Building on several years of effort by members of the collaboration, the Illustris simulation represents an unprecedented combination of high resolution, total volume, and physical fidelity.

Click here to learn more about the Illustris Project.

crossing the river…

    • riverIndiaA Zen Roshi and a Hindu Guru were walking together along a river bank intending to visit an adjacent island.
    • “Let’s walk to the island,” said the Hindu Guru.

    • “Why not take the ferry boat?” said the Roshi.

    • “Because,” said the Hindu Guru “I’ve spent 20 years learning to walk on water.”

    • “Why take twenty years learning to walk on water,” said
      the Roshi “when you can take a ferry boat for a penny?”



If you realized how beautiful you are, you would fall at your own feet.

 — Byron Katie

*Photo by Rick Cowley


true freedom…


success is…


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