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‘Flying’ by mind alone

Woud love to try this!

By creator Michael Todd:

This video represents our second round of tests with the EEG control interface, we’ve been at work on system handling, and will now begin to incorporate live content—sound, lighting and video elements. Stay tuned for more updates.

“The Ascent” is the latest work i’m creating at EMPAC as my MFA thesis project at RPI. It is essentially a user driven rail ride. It’s part speculative simulator, part internal spiritual experience, part renaissance spectacle, part interactive ride.

The user straps into a harness and wears an EEG headset. As the user begins to clear their mind and focus, they begin to levitate into the air. A storm of sound and light conspire to distract the user from their goal of becoming the key figure in an ascending renaissance tableaux thirty feet in the air. The user has to stay calm and focused through an incredible amount of stimulus.

We’ll be presenting the final work on May 12th at EMPAC in Troy, NY. Come up and try it!

xxxy – Creator/creative director/RPI MFA
Michael Todd – Programming, control system

©2011 xxxy

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