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get life and SMILE…


Some people smile to make friends. Others smile to look younger and live longer. And then there are those who so totally get life, that smiling is all they know.

The Universe

From Mike Dooley’s “Notes From the Universe”

making dreams come true…

A “Note from the Universe”:

Discretion is the better part of valor.

Spontaneity is the better part of brilliance.

And imagination is the better part of making dreams come true.

Yes we can,
The Universe

Photo by Mary Cowley

notes from the universe…

“What if the universe were to send you little reminders of your power, life’s magic, and how much you’re loved??”

If you want to live a powerful life, these notes are good. Really good. Watch the video and see what you think, and if you want to sign up to receive daily notes from the universe, go to

“If you only knew just how literally true all of these notes are–concerning your power, your strength, and your divinity…about the love, the magic, and the infinite possibilities–for the next few days, you’d see the rest of the world through tears and you’d never stop giving thanks.” – Mike Dooley from Notes from the Universe

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