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Starry Night by *AlexRuizArt

©2011-2013 *AlexRuizArt

[Alex painted this from about the same vantage point as Van Gogh when he painted the original (see below)]

From artist’s website

I’ve often wondered about how the night sky looked to Van Gogh when he painted ‘Starry Night.’

This is an homage to him, and to his painting, one of my all time favorites. We see him standing here, looking up at the night sky…probably in awe, as he wondered how he would capture the beauty he saw. As well, this was the view from the sanitarium he was staying at, as it’s well known that the poor guy was quite mentally troubled. (For the record, it’s believed he painted this from inside the sanitarium, but I didn’t want bars on my image!)

I wanted this piece to be somewhat magical and fantastic, not just a normal night painting. Hence the large moon, large stars, transparent clouds etc., yet keeping a mostly realistic feel to it.

If you see the original painting, you see so much motion…it’s as if he saw the vibration on all the objects, and that he captured the wind!

Done in Photoshop in about 7 hrs using matte painting techniques, and painting over.

ORIGINAL “STARRY NIGHT” by Vincent Van Gogh:

Starry Night

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