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— Open yourself to a new world of limitless possibility —

limitless possibilities

Tapping into the Soul is at the leading edge of self-healing and personal development and growth. If this is important to you, whether your interest is personal or professional, this two-day workshop will significantly empower your mastery in these areas.

This forum is not academic…it’s practical, giving you revolutionary tools that actually expand consciousness and facilitate the creation of the life you want and were meant to live. It doesn’t give answers…rather it teaches remarkable techniques you will use yourself to discover the answers that are precisely right for you and for your highest good.

You will learn two primary and powerfully transformative tools:

  • Basic TFT (Thought Field Therapy®)–an extraordinarily effective self-help technique that spawned the area of healing now called “Energy Psychology”. The original “tapping” technique, TFT safely and rapidly relieves negative feelings such as trauma, fear, guilt and anger. You’ll learn how to easily and radically change how you feel…clearing the way for intentional creation and the full expression of life.


  • Resonance Testing—a combination of an objective self-testing technique discovered by Dr. Roger Callahan, developer of TFT–and the process of testing whether or not something resonates with your own life force, enabling you to make choices that support and empower your life and deepest desires. We’ll explore Dr. David Hawkins’ discoveries around testing for truth–and practice resonance testing and calibrating issues that are relevant to your own life. These can include ideas, books, music, people, foods, courses, philosophies, and more.

 –The synergy of these techniques allows life to flow 

with greatly enhanced ease, grace and synchronicity–

 Tapping into the Soul is an experiential workshop. You will walk out a different person than when you walked in. And you will be able to take home these essential tools to use for yourself and those you love for the rest of your life!

  • Do you know there’s so much more, but feel stuck?
  • Do you feel held back by the past?
  • Do you believe in the Law of Attraction but can’t seem to create what you want even though you think positive thoughts?
  • Are you glad you have so many choices but wish you knew which one would help you feel better physically, emotionally—which one would be for your highest good?
  • Do you want to help your families live powerful lives no matter how chaotic the world seems?

Open Yourself to a World of Possibility and Transformation and Join Us!


  • “Many, many thanks….I am in AWE. I am DEEPLY indebted to you and Dr. Callahan. Ten years washed away by powerful heart and mind energy!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” – MG, California, USA
  • “Resonance Testing has brought me more and more into alignment with who I truly am….I am now able to tap into universal consciousness to find the answers to my questions. I have been opened up to knowing what options are for my highest good….Additionally, it has helped me develop my intuition. What an empowering transformational tool this has been and continues to be!” – JC, California, USA
  • “I use Resonance Testing mostly in my work but certainly not exclusively. There is a maturation process whereby you learn to trust the process. When you think about it, this is beyond incredible! Sometimes it is even hard to believe!” – LS, North Carolina, USA
  • “Ever since you worked with me my perception has been changing constantly of how I view life….My progress in the physical and spiritual world makes quantum leaps on a regular basis. I never know what’s going to happen next. Thank you for helping me turn my life around. I’ll never forget what you were able to help me do.” – MJ, Colorado, USA
  • “Words can not express what you have brought into our life….I just wanted to share with you my excitement over a major shift I  believe that took place in my life yesterday…in my level of awareness and consciousness. I feel not only a change in my emotional status but also my physical well being…I want to thank you again for your help and say that I consider you to be a God send. I’m not the same person I was 2 weeks ago.”– DG, Arizona, USA

For more information e-mail drmary@ or call 858-756-7131.

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    D o you ever come to Florida? I live in FT.LAUDERDALE! please let me know!!!!

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